Martin Luther King, Jr. Joint-Use Library: Visioning, Pre-Design, and Space Planning/Programming

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Joint-Use Library was a first-of-its-kind model that combined library services for a city and university system. Anderson Brulé Architects was selected as prime architect to prepare, facilitate and document the development of a Library Plan through its feasibility analysis of organizational structure, fiscal and operational issues.

After more than 150 meetings with library staff from both the University and the City, ABA developed a strategic Operational Plan that focused on seamless service delivery and integration of the two libraries. ABA went on to serve as the Associate Architect in collaboration with the prime architects for this 474,500 sf library. ABA, worked closely with the prime, provided design details, specifications, budget reconciliation, and operational planning for the nine floors and mezzanine.

This building houses the academic collections and programs of the San José State University Library, as well as the collections and programs of the Martin Luther King Main Library of the City of San José. The facility represents an innovative means to maximize resources through partnering. ABA’s role in the development of its strategic operational plan was instrumental in its success.

San José Public Library & San Jose State University
Strategic Planning
475,000 SF
Higher Education
What Our Clients Have to Say:

The public process ABA has led to discuss the issues and proposed solutions has been extremely effective, productive and worked extremely well. We (have brought) the community a library that meets all of its visions, needs, and dreams.

Jane Light
Former San José Public Library Director
City of San Jose