STEM Initiative

Santa Clara University engaged ABA to assist in the development of an interdisciplinary STEM initiative, after an earlier extensive programming effort had resulted in a high level of stakeholder concerns about the STEM program and its implications. ABA was engaged to determine the root causes of these concerns and to advise the STEM leadership team on pathways forward.

ABA led this effort through a series of fact-finding initiatives, program analyses and visioning sessions, including:

  • STEM Leadership Engagement Sessions
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews
  • Key Users Focus Groups
  • STEM Complex Space Program Analytics
  • STEM Program Visioning Workshops
  • STEM Education Master Plan Workshops
  • STEM Curriculum Teaching Space Modelling and Simulation, and
  • STEM Communications Program Development.
  • Through these efforts, SCU re-engaged with the STEM community in the development of a STEM initiative and STEM Project guided by the principles of:

  • Disciplinary Depth and Transdisciplinary Convergence
  • Transformative Pedagogy and Innovative Curricula
  • Inspiring Research
  • Integration with the University Community
  • Engagement with Silicon Valley and Beyond
  • ABA was later engaged to provide strategic programming and design services for the temporary relocation of the School of Engineering and the creation of a permanent center for Math and Computational Sciences program with STEM.

Santa Clara University
Strategic Planning