School of Engineering: Heafey Bergin Renovation

Following their work to help define Santa Clara University's new STEM initiative, ABA was engaged to provide planning programming and design services to surge the School of Engineering’s 55,000 sf into a collection of 8 facilities across the campus, including 45,000 sf in the historic Heafey Bergin Law buildings, which will later be used to house the Math and Computer Technology programs in STEM.

Critical to the STEM construction schedule and to the overall STEM program, the Heafey-Bergin project was challenged to:

• Deliver full design and construction documents in just 81 days to permit renovations over the summer break.
• Design for the future Math and Computer Technology programs while ensuring an initial full functional relocation program for 80% of the School of Engineering.
• Minimize initial and re-renovation costs.
• Create an environment connecting departments and programs within the facility, connecting the Math and Computer Technology programs to the rest of STEM, and connecting STEM to the rest of the campus.

Within this space, the University will develop prototype and deploy new models for technology-enabled classrooms, computer labs and informal collaboration areas.

Santa Clara University
55,000 SF
Site Evaluation & Planning
Site Evaluation & Planning, Teaching Space Innovations, Strategic Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Fixtures & Equipment, Schematic Design through Construction Administration
Kyle Jeffers
What Our Clients Have to Say:

Our ABA partners have been incredibly inclusive, responsive, and patient to inputs from all parties including students, faculty, and staff. We know that our building will be great in large part because ABA heard us. Thanks ABA!”

Alfonso Ortega
Dean, School of Engineering, Santa Clara University