Healthcare Provider

Looking to expand their primary care and mental health care clinic, a leading healthcare provider tasked ABA to design the re-use of a building in Campbell, CA, originally constructed for industrial manufacturing. Through the creative use of color and scale, as well as the use of sustainable materials, ABA designed the expansion to provide a soothing and functional healing environment that tailors existing spaces to fit the needs of Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Child Psychology, an outpatient pharmacy, a conference center, and administrative services. The high ceilings of this former industrial building now feature a welcoming, naturally lit entry and central registration. A central spine guides patients from registration to the clinic waiting areas, the pharmacy, and to stairs leading to the child psychology offices located on the former mezzanine. Natural light filters through a colored glass, abstract wall graphic into the pediatric waiting area. When patients leave the clinic areas, colorful graphics depicting the local community and natural environment lead patients back to glass walls for easy exit and wayfinding. At the clinic’s perimeter, ceilings are raised along the windows incorporating full- height glazing to bring natural light into provider and staff spaces.

While the budget did not allow for the installation of entirely new MEP equipment, the ABA team was nevertheless able to address the inadequacies of existing building systems through selective upgrades such as the installation of a more energy-efficient VRF mechanical system and the use of all-electric equipment. Not only do these solutions help reduce operating costs, they contribute to the Healthcare Providers Net Zero performance goals by reducing overall energy use.

36,750 SF
Health & Wellness
Architecture Interiors