East Valley Health Center Master Plan

In developing a new comprehensive site master plan for this existing health center, ABA worked with County, Health System and Site-based leadership to articulate a new Vision for ambulatory services and translate that vision into a Strategic Program for the East Valley site. With supporting site analyses and cost modeling, ABA designed and facilitated Rapid Prototyping stakeholder workshops to quickly develop master plan scenarios and a final recommended master plan.

The East Valley Health Center Master Plan project produced recommendations for the phased redevelopment of the existing 8.9 acre site, providing a pathway for its transition from an overcrowded and inaccessible 1990’s vintage clinic to a modern 150,000 sf community-based health center providing high quality, integrated, coordinated and patient center health and wellness services.

The East Valley Master Plan envisioned three clinical clusters linked through a well-located entry and a system of distributed shared services. Three key elements defined the form of the Master Plan: Integrated and Coordinated services organized around patients’ needs, Options for patients to select providers and clinics to meet their unique needs, and Wellness incorporated through education and prevention services integrated within the medical model.

Unique to the East Valley Health Center program and master plan was the integration of Public Health and Social Services programs with Health Services.

The vision, plan of service model, operational plans and strategic programs developed for the East Valley Health Center Master Plan are informing on redevelopment plans throughout the County’s ambulatory care system.

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