Women in Architecture - Why is this Critical?


Spearheaded by the chapter's only female College of Fellows member, Pamela Anderson-Brulé, FAIA and Anderson Brulé Architects is a proud supporter and founding partner of the AIA Santa Clara Valley's Women in Architecture Committee (WIA).

Mission Statement:
The Women in Architecture Committee (WIA) is composed of women architects and allies in the Chapter for the purpose of increasing the incidence and visibility of women in architecture and in related design and construction industries. We exist to bring awareness to the gender disparity that exists in the profession in order to achieve equality. We exist to empower women by fostering growth, building leaders and role models, promoting the success of women architects, serving as a catalyst for equality and fair treatment, bringing about balance in the profession, and by redefining success.

Why is this Critical?
Recent studies have found that while women comprise nearly half of graduates from architecture programs in the United States, they make up only about 22% of licensed architects, and only 17% of partners or principals in architecture firms. It is critical to not only understand what drives women out of the profession, but to do a better job providing mentorship and support to women architects. The Silicon Valley is a hotbed of industry that has historically been male dominated, and this chapter seeks to empower female designers in the Valley to achieve their full potential.

Have an interest in being a part of the Women in Architecture Committee? Join the group today. Follow the link below to sign up. You must be logged in to sign up for the Group. You can also access the group by viewing "groups" under My Profile.

Group Sign Up Link: http://aiascvym.site-ym.com/members/group.aspx?id=161098

More Information can be found at the AIASCA Women in Architecture Website.

Posted January 20, 2016

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