ABA & SBCC Present at 2016 SCUP Pacific!

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#SCUP16PA Does the Campus Matter? How to Plan in the Age of EdTech.

Is the on-campus experience still relevant in the age of learning anytime, anywhere, any means? Is your campus meeting the challenges of this new age of "disruptive innovation"? -- ABA and Santa Barbara City College went to SCUP PA 216 to help answer this question!

After Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) established that additional community support was required to pass their bond measure, they revamped their master planning process. Anderson Brulé Architects and SBCC will share the new, successful process including mapping human interactions (process mapping), the three essential phases of the planning process, and opportunities for community engagement, innovation, and support. You will learn how to bring diverse communities into your planning and create an environment for innovation and cooperation, plus a new sense of the roles of campuses in your community.

ABA presented on the key elements of a successful master planning process:

  • The role of “Mapping Human Interactions” in designing and managing the process
  • The 3 essential phases of the planning process, and
  • The opportunities for community engagement, innovation and support.
Posted March 8, 2016

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