Terri Sudbrook accepted into the Inner City Capital Connections Business Leadership Program

ABA is excited to share that Associate Principal and healthcare practice leader Terri Sudbrook, AIA, has been accepted into the Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) business leadership program!

Open to a select number of representatives from businesses operating in under-resourced areas, the program designed by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City helps business leaders build capacity for sustainable growth and resiliency. Through a combination of live training, digital courses and workshops, coaching, and conferences, Terri's already formidable skills will be further amplified to help create partnerships between ABA and clients who work to enrich local communities.

About the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

The ICIC is national nonprofit research and advisory organization, and a national leader on US inner city economies. Founded in 1994 by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, the organization provides innovative research and programs to drive inclusive economic prosperity in under-resourced / economically distressed communities. Their research, grounded in economic theory and informed by real-world advisory experience, helps a variety of public and private entities answer fundamental questions about creating equitable urban revitalizations and fostering economic opportunities for inner city communities.

To learn more about the ICIC and the Inner City Capital Connections Program, visit www.icic.org.

Posted August 6, 2021

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