Anderson Brulé Architects Welcomes Frédérik Sisa as Marketing & Communications Manager

Anderson Brulé Architects is excited to introduce you to Frédérik Sisa, who recently joined our firm as Marketing & Communications Manager. With 20 years of experience in the A/E/C industry, along with experience as a copywriter and community newspaper columnist, he draws on a multi-faceted skillset to drive various efforts connecting ABA and clients in our key community, education, health & wellness, and housing markets. His work consistently shows him to be an "architect whisperer" with a keen understanding of architectural design both in practice and in theory - and the corresponding ability to align marketing and architecture efforts in pursuit of new opportunities and fresh ideas. His curiosity and balanced blend of idealism and pragmatism are definite assets, and we look forward to his insights not only with proposal-related and thought leadership efforts, but also with strengthening ABA's contributions to resolving critical social challenges.

The only thing we are not too sure about is his predilection for puns. Then again, wordplay is to be expected from a skilled wordsmith with a sense of humor.

As we are always happy to connect with industry partners in pursuit of meaningful opportunities to serve our clients, please reach out - Frédérik will welcome the outreach.

frederik [at sign]

Posted October 8, 2021

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