Erica Snyder

Erica Snyder

Architectural Designer

Erica believes there is always something to learn from new people and new experiences. She often finds herself steering towards the uncomfortable, as she never wants an opportunity for growth or adventure to pass her by. While at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Erica chose to study in Italy for one academic year and pursue a minor in psychology in addition to her Bachelor of Architecture. Though she recently completed her degree, she never expects to declare her education complete.

When not at work, you will likely find Erica outside with her nose in a book, meandering down a beach or through a forest, or planning her next trip to visit friends—and their pets—around the world.

She is excited to join the ABA team to put her schooling to work, never stop asking questions, and maybe even become a morning person.

StrengthsFinder: Learner, Developer, Intellection, Input, Positivity