Aptos Branch Library

ABA and Bogard Construction are partnered as the designbuild team selected by the Santa Cruz Public Library System and County of Santa Cruz for the bond-funded $12.4M Aptos Branch Library project, which replaces an existing building constructed in 1975. In addition to providing updated multi-media spaces for library services and community programs, the new building addresses specific concerns with the previous building by providing safer accessibility to pedestrians, cyclists, and cars alike along with strong connections to public transit as well as electric vehicle charging stations. The new building is also designed for Net Zero energy performance, reflecting SCPL’s environmental stewardship goals. In conjunction with an iconic architectural entry, exterior environments play a key role in emphasizing the library as a community beacon. With its high visibility on a corner site, the new building invites visitors to begin their library experience by immersing themselves in its beautiful landscapes. A noteworthy feature is the Community Terrace designed to be functionally flexible as an open space for gatherings and events, yet with a scale that is comfortable for daily library use. Key features include wildlife-friendly and water-conserving landscapes with built-in benches for seating and “parking” for bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. Visitors are further engaged by Forest Garden Rooms – niches that offer a variety of spaces for reading, playing, or otherwise enjoying moments of natural tranquility. Public art is also an essential feature, inside and out, featuring local artists and expressing the richness of Aptos’ history.

8,000 SF
County of Santa Cruz
Architecture Interiors
Kyle Jeffers