Strategic Planning

ABA has a rich planning history. As skilled facilitators, our team excels at building and managing relationships at all levels of an organization; this drives project engagement and stakeholder support. A commitment to a collaborative process in which we seek broad stakeholder input through one-on-one interviews, large facilitated discussions and breakout groups, further encourages buy-in. Though the depth and breadth of idea solicitation varies, at its core, our process relies heavily on ensuring that stakeholder groups are “heard” and that their input is valued.

Clients benefit from our expertise in assessing industry trends. With over 50+ years working in healthcare, higher education, community planning and design, we have a deep understanding of the external forces impacting organizations and systems. The team also brings a rich history of analyzing internal and external data and reviewing opportunities through the lens of market fluctuations and risk mitigation.

We work in partnership with our clients to define issues and to identify solutions. Our input is informed by a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from an extensive portfolio of successful projects.

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