Vietnamese American Services Center

Anderson Brulé Architects led the County through the innovation of a vision, service model, operational plan, and program for the Vietnamese American Services Center (VASC). ABA recognized a tremendous opportunity to work collaboratively with key service agencies to define an innovative, effective, and efficient new model in service delivery. This new service delivery model integrates four County departments of Social Services, Ambulatory Care, Behavioral Health, and Public Health Nursing and serves as a gateway to all other County and Community Based Organization (CBO) services.

Santa Clara County’s Vietnamese population has distinctive and pronounced health care needs that can largely be improved through programs that focus on wellness and the root cause of cultural health trends within the community. The VASC provides a new model in the delivery of holistic services, aiming to engage the Vietnamese community in health-promoting programs and services that focus on wellness, prevention, and intervention. With four different departments housed in one building, ABA developed a space program that is highly flexible and adaptable to the differing needs of those departments, while providing appropriate space for their specific care and service needs.

Santa Clara County
Strategic Planning