Behavioral & Social Sciences Building

ABA was selected to execute the design and development of the new Behavioral and Social Sciences Building for El Camino College, and kicked-off the project in June 2018. The project is to be constructed on the northern portion of the Student Services and Student Activities Complex site.

Upon examining the ECC Campus Standards, the program provided in the original Request for Proposal (RFP), and the feedback provided by the BSS faculty, it was determined that the quantity and sizes of each instructional space type listed did not align with the faculty’s current and future desired use. As a result, ECC identified the need to study current and future course loads with regards to time and space.

This scheduling study informed the Facilities Department and Design Team of the number of future instructional spaces required to support all courses provided by the BSS division, including the quantity of instructional spaces that will be located in the new BSS building designed by ABA and the quantity that will need to be located in their existing Social Sciences building.

ABA proposed to complete a Division-Wide Space Program to determine the quantities and sizes of each instructional space type (classrooms and labs) to be able to support the Division’s desired modes of teaching. This was done through a scheduling analysis of the college’s section enrollment data with regards to time and space.

Through the effort of the BSS Division-Wide Space Program, the project anticipates more efficient and effective use of space.

To engage at a deeper level with stakeholders, ABA facilitated multiple workshops on-campus with the faculty, as well as a survey conducted to gather feedback from faculty, staff, and students. ABA discovered that there was a need for specific spaces, such as a private consultation room. Students who may have experienced trauma in their past may take a class where the effects of such traumas may be discussed, resulting in the students being affected emotionally by these discussions in class. Private consultation rooms were provided specifically within the building to allow students to step out of class into a safe and confidential environment to receive counseling by faculty.


  • Scheduling Study / Division-Wide Space Program
  • Pre-Design, Programming (in progress)
  • Schematic Design through Construction Administration
El Camino Community College District
Strategic Planning
38,000 GSF
30,180 ASF