Santa Catalina School Mathematics & Science Center

The Santa Catalina School Mathematics and Science Center is designed as an inspirational space for education and a living-learning tool that sparks students’ imagination and is an integral part of their curriculum. Anderson Brulé Architects (ABA) facilitated meetings with Santa Catalina Leadership, Board, faculty, staff and students to develop the building’s program with sustainability as an integral part of the learning environment.


The Center has been crafted with an informal, collaborative learning concept. The plaza, lobby, hallways, alcoves and faculty offices have been consciously designed for “moments of learning” and spaces created – inside and out - to support these important opportunities.

An exterior boulder wall is composed from regional stone --igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic -- allowing students to relate visible examples to their geology studies directly outside their classrooms.

The lower level exposes color coded domestic water lines, duct work, fire sprinkler system, electrical conduit, and gas lines. The systems connect to the mechanical room which has a viewing window on the operating systems to enable the building to be a tool for teaching and learning.


The roof was designed for photovoltaics with 95% of the HVAC equipment inside the mechanical room. Solar panel data is pumped into the lobby Building Management Dashboard where students can see live updates on solar panel gains and building energy consumption.
A rainwater cistern captures roof run-off and stores it for irrigation. Water cascades into a flume where students can learn about hydrodynamics and hydraulics. The flume spills into a series of terraced biofiltration planters where students gather water samples, collect data as the rainwater moves through the planters, and utilize the data in science lab activity.
Santa Catalina School
26,000 SF
Strategic Planning
Master Planning
Private Pre-K-12
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What Our Clients Have to Say:

"The Center has lifted us to a place where our Board and the administration will be better positioned to make other bold decisions"

Rich Patterson, Assistant Head of School for Advancement, Santa Catalina School