West Valley College: Learning Resource Center Renovation

This project will renovate West Valley’s Learning Resource Center (LRC) originally constructed in 1972. The LRC is comprised of 59,134 square feet and supports various programs and services, including the Library collections, Digital Media Center, TV/Recording Studio, Writing Center, Tutorial/Assessment Center, multiple technology rich collaborations spaces, a Makerspace, gaming studios, and librarian services / offices.

The renovation is extensive and far reaching, including exterior building skin/façade improvements to improve visibility and daylight, new roof incorporating north facing light monitors, upgrades to technology and building systems, completely re-envisioned program spaces and functional adjacencies based on the needs of students, and completely updated interiors and furniture. The design of this new center for learning is far reaching and inclusive, ultimately transforming the LRC into a beacon of learning for all students on campus. The project also seeks to be the jewel of the north east end of campus creating a new hub and adjacent outdoor space that is tightly knitted and integrated into the tree laden landscape and adjacent creeks. The LRC Renovation project has received State funding and has authorization to proceed with the primary design phase.

The pre-design effort included a fast paced and immersive engagement experience for faculty, staff, and students. Collaborative workshops opened dialogue and minds about LRC trends, key needs and aspirations at WVC, and the exciting possibilities of the future LRC. While many participants arrived with uncertainty and hesitation, after a series of hands on exercises that incorporated multiple learning and communication styles, they left with an inspired buzz about next steps. Students shared stories of telling their parents and friends how they would come back when the project was complete to reflect on the workshop experience.

West Valley-Mission Community College District
Mark Cavagnero Associates, Anderson Brule Architects
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