National Library Week: The CORE Building at CSU East Bay

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Designed by the partnership of ABA as Architect for interiors (with core systems) and Carrier Johnson + CULTURE as Architect for the shell/exteriors, the CORE (Collaborative Opportunities for Research & Engagement) Building at CSU East Bay is a modern library that goes beyond just being a place to check out books— it's a center for innovation.

ABA's team of architects and planners worked with the University in a Visioning & Strategic Planning effort, involving key stakeholders through focus groups, workshops, and surveys. This process aimed to ensure that the new 100,000 square-foot facility met the diverse needs of the campus community, replacing one of CSU's busiest libraries.

In addition to library spaces, the CORE houses the Student Center for Academic Achievement and the Hub for Entrepreneurship, providing students with resources to become self-directed learners and innovators. With the university's focus on diversity, social justice, and environmental sustainability in mind, the building's design offers various learning and collaboration spaces, including information visualization, technology training, and multi-media production. It also offers personal study spaces, social gathering areas, and community-building spaces.

Posted April 10, 2024

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