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Anderson Brulé Architects is checking in with the team as they work at home. Get personal insight on how we’re coping, working, and staying sane. In this post, read how architectural designer Megan Siah is staying inspired at home.

It can be a challenge for anyone to wake up and feel inspired when in quarantine. Here are a few things I’ve found to be helpful in keeping me joyful, inspired, and mentally healthy:

Finding Joy in the Little Things
Something I took away from my college years in architecture studio is making effort in finding small joys when you’re crunched for time. Even with just five minutes, finding joy in small things makes a big difference in the quality of your day. It keeps us inspired and productive.

I enjoy treating myself to a latte and fresh cookies in the afternoon at my “home café”. And I often make games out of ordinary objects. Being playful with a childlike mindset comes naturally for some and takes effort for others. But the more you do it, the easier it is to find joy in the little things. Stop, just for a second, to smell those roses!

Planning Something to Look Forward To
This activity looks different for everyone. I look forward to personal creative projects such as water coloring. Work related projects are also creatively challenging, however, a personal one gives new room for growth and exploration.

Set a dedicated regular time to reduce harboring guilt that might be stopping you from taking time for yourself. For example, take an online class. I recently took one on how to illustrate your pets with a friend and most recently joined a challenge on Instagram called #30DaysOfBibleLettering for the month.

It helps to keep up with consistency when you find others who also share joy in the same activities. Which brings me to the next tip.

Being in Community
Spend intentional time with friends, family, and loved ones. Care for one another by checking in. We are all experiencing some type of impact in varying degrees. I look forward to video calls where we hold virtual lunches/dinners, prayer meetings, and fun games. We may be distanced, but we’re not disconnected.

Practicing Gratitude
Sometimes easier said than done, but having a grateful heart helps keep the anxiety at bay. A fun activity to do on your own or with your spouse and kids is to list 5 things you’re grateful for at the end or beginning of your day.

I hope you found some of these practical tips helpful. Stay well and much love to you all!

Posted April 21, 2020

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