Amy Crawford Named Associate at ABA

With a significant and productive nine-year history with the firm, Amy Crawford, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C, has been named an ABA Associate.

"Amy is creative at heart. She uses her experience to design spaces that create inspiring environments and meaningful experiences for her clients," ABA co-founder Pamela Anderson-Brulé said.

Over the years, Amy has proven her leadership by advocating and practicing what she is passionate about. She brings her love of biophilic design and sustainability to all of her design thinking, and she goes after what she wants.

Let's rewind back to 2008 to where Amy’s ABA story started.

After the recession took its toll, Amy was searching for the next step in her interior design career and was taking quilting classes. Amy’s teacher happened to be Pamela's neighbor. Networking prevailed, Amy’s resume was shared and she had an informational meeting with Pamela. At the end of the meeting, Amy left knowing she had to be a part of ABA.

Amy kept in touch and her persistence paid off, she was first hired as a receptionist, office manager and executive assistant. Those positions granted unique learning opportunities while she absorbed ABA’s culture and Amy quickly transitioned to the interior design team when a position became available.

And the rest – as they say – is history.

As an Associate, Amy looks forward to advancing ABA’s design excellence initiative and maintaining ABA’s culture by continuing to foster a deep ethos of creativity, blurring the lines between interior design and architecture, and focusing on projects that improve communities with sustainable and biophilic design.

Posted July 8, 2020

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