Frédérik  Sisa

Frédérik Sisa

ASSOCIATE | Sr. Marketing & Business Development Manager

Frédérik is ABA's Sr. Marketing & Business Development Manager, bringing to their role 20 years of experience in the A/E/C industry along with extracurricular work as a community newspaper columnist and freelance copywriter. Driven by a deep curiosity about the arts, science, and culture - along with their intersection in the practice of design - they leverage a versatile skill set spanning writing, research, planning, graphic design, and information management to conceive and implement a variety of strategic, tactical, and creative projects. Their ability to balance idealism and pragmatism, along with the willingness to question assumptions and status quos, are also assets as they oversee the firm's connections with client and industry partners via proposals, interviews, conference presentations, public relations, social media, carrier pigeons, tin cans connected by a taut string, and whatever other media foster meaningful dialogues and great community-oriented business partnerships.