National Library Week: Santa Catalina School Library

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"Ready, Set, Library!" is an invitation to explore the endless possibilities that libraries offer. As we celebrate National Library Week, ABA is proud to showcase the Santa Catalina School Library Renovation as an example of how school libraries provide rich learning environments to stimulate curiosity and the joy of discovery.

Completed in 2023, ABA transformed an existing library to better align with Santa Catalina's academic and wellness programs. In addition to improving aesthetics, the project renovated the library's infrastructure to support technology needs and provide a diversity of spaces for both personal and group study. Key features include interactive wall displays, a kitchen for cooking classes, wellness coaching rooms, and a multi-purpose space for yoga and meditation— all of which emphasize the library's role in fostering holistic well-being as well as education.

From collaborative learning spaces to wellness and creativity hubs, the renovated Santa Catalina School library exemplifies how modern school libraries can serve the diverse needs of their students and faculty.

Posted April 9, 2024

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